Mini Musings-Don’t Mess With a Good Thing? –aka I’m Bored and Looking for Trouble

My brain is here, there and everywhere and I need help from my fellow blogging peeps! I have my blog set up in such a way that I can write whatever I want whenever I want and, personally, I find that to be helpful when it’s time for me to actually sit down and put in the time.  However, as someone who is trying to increase followers, do you find that being more specific about a particular subject gets more readers (i.e. cooking, sewing, cars, etc.)?

My all encompassing vision is a blog that has funny stories (although I have a couple of more somber pieces, depending on what writing prompt I’m using as practice) that pertain to my life and what experiences I have been through. Something that someone can read while on a plane or in a doctor’s office that will make them laugh for a minute. I am finding that people are responding well to my choices but I am just looking for some opinions to what I might do to make my blog more reader friendly.  I am not planning on any major overhaul here because I am very happy with what I have, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little tweaking.

I also tend to write longer pieces.  I have seen conflicting reports on how many words “need” to be in a blog post and I would love to hear what everyone here has to say about that debate.  Right now I find all restrictions on word count to be complete bullshit (as long as you have an interesting and compelling story to tell) so I’m not sure what I would do with that information. Just curiosity, I guess.

Hope all is well in your world and I look forward to hearing your opinions!  Keep ’em coming.


  1. Humor is awesome as laughter really is the best medicine. Write what you want, I feel that the more we write we will find our spot where we get more traction…..if that makes any sense. 😉


  2. Write what you know! As long as you are happy with your writing than it will resonate through to the reader. I was told by an author once…Just write!


  3. I like to write about humor, I mixup which topic I’m writing about so that people who don’t necessarily want to hear about my job can get more Lola stories and vice versa. What I found that drastically improved my readership was to alternate long stories and short stories. I tend to get very long-winded but not everybody has time for a longer blog post. And I find that if I intersperse my long with my short then people are more likely to keep coming back every day.

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    1. That’s what I was kind of thinking. I am trying to alternate my content and length. Trying to make sure that people that come to look might want to stick around!

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  4. Write what makes you happy. Your blogs are amusing and fun. Keep up the good work. 🙂


  5. PS: any clumsy spelling or wording is due to my brain being deep fried after a really, really, really hard day.


  6. Writing keeps me sane so I just write whatever comes to my mind first and I am of the opinion that everyone should be doing the same. Write to your heart’s content and people will see that!


  7. Mine tends to be a mental health blog, but at the moment I chat about anything that comes into my head. I don’t bother with word count, it can be as short as a few words or a book.

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  8. I think everyone should write what makes them happy and fulfilled. It is wonderful for people to read and follow but for me it must be something I like! Great blog posts!

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