Just For Fun- Tell Me Your Favorite Place to Drive for a Long Weekend

Hello my friends!

I am currently on a lovely four day road trip with my family to Mesa Verde National Park and having an absolutely amazing time!  As I am sitting here for a few minutes I thought it would be fun to get some feedback on some of your favorite road trips.  Since I am only away from home for four days, I am going to limit the question to road trips that take four or less days from where you live.  I will fritter this information away and keep all of the suggestions in the back of my mind as possible trips I might want to take in the future!

Quid pro quo, I will offer up a small trip that I have taken from Denver that I have really enjoyed.  Last year I took my son, mom and nephew to Kansas City, Kansas and had a great time going to the LEGO Discovery Center and Aquarium and eating at the T-Rex Cafe. We also visited the Hallmark Visitor’s Center and had a great time doing various crafts.  The highlight was Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant, where toy trains bring you your food!

I am always looking for something cool to do and I never have enough time to do research.  Please help a sister out!  Hope you’re having a wonderful Labor Day holiday!  Cheers!

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  1. The best time to drive through the Smokey Mountains is in the fall when the leaves are changing. The colors are breathtaking.
    The trip to Fl was no vacay. We own a house in Jacksonville, Fl, which has been rented out for the last 3 years. The renters were friends, which finally moved out. We went to Fl to get the house ready to sell and found it to be trashed. I don’t know how people can live like that, especially people you think you know. We spent 8 days cleaning and repairing, when we were scheduled to be there only 3 days. It was a physically and emotionally draining experience. We are so glad to be back in Ga. My blog http://amanpan.com/2015/09/06/a-deliberate-sketchy-tale/ relates to the experience in Fl. I couldn’t bring myself to blog about the details of the mess. We still have a neighbor that is helping us with some of the things we couldn’t accomplish before we left. We have a lot of pics of the mess, which will soon be presented to an attorney.

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    1. I know what you’re saying about not knowing how somebody lives. I have some seen some nasty things in my time, even though I don’t own any property. I hope everything works out. Are you going to continue renting or has this soured your experience?


      1. The house is for sale – no more renting. It is too difficult to keep up with when you live 400 miles away. It should not be a hard house to sell. Here’s hoping it will sell soon. 🙂

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  2. One of my favorite road trips was to Asheville, NC. The drive through the Smokey Mountains is breathtaking.


    1. Thank you! I have never been between Florida or New York, as far as the East Coast goes (wait, I did go to Washington DC) but the Smokey Mountains are something I really want to see someday. Any particular time of the year you like better? Sorry for the late response (just getting back on track from vacation).


  3. Depends on if I am bringing horses or not. If not ponies go….somewhere next to the ocean.

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    1. Do you take your horses on vacation a lot? I never even thought of that. I barely even take my dog on vacation! (Sorry about the late reply.)


  4. Now that we are back from the trip to hell in Fl, we plan to go to Helen, Ga or Blue Ridge, Ga. It is beautiful there when the leaves start to change.

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    1. What happened in Florida? I want details! I am a Disney-aholic, so anytime anyone says Florida, that’s what I think of! Although, last year we did manage to get to the other side of the state to Crystal River to go kayaking with the manatees. I have never been to GA. Sounds interesting. Sorry I’m so late getting back to you.


  5. Most decent shoe stores are a day trip. Not because they’re far. Because SHOES. haha

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    1. I never even thought of Shoes. I think I have like five pairs, total!!!!


      1. I buy that many at a time! (Ok that’s an exaggeration. I think my biggest haul was three pairs….)


  6. I loved our trip from Denver to Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument. Driving through South Dakota gave us the chance to experience some new scenery.

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    1. I totally want to take the family there next year. I went for the first time with my mom about three years ago and was seriously surprised by how beautiful it was! Sorry I was so late getting back to you, Lynda.


  7. I love to go to the Berkshires in Massachusetts and Vermont. I know it’s far from where you are, but the Berkshires have so much to offer: music, art, gardens, dance…I love it so much that I wrote 10 stories about it and then revised them into one children’s book called A Berkshire Tale. Now I can sit at home and visit my favorite places any time in the pages of my book.

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    1. That is completely awesome! I have only been to Boston and never to Vermont. I would love to fly into somewhere in New England and head up to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have never been to Canada either. Sounds like heaven!

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      1. Make sure you come in the Fall. Canada is also awesome! See you sometime soon, I hope. Clare


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