Mini Musings- I Sprung for Some Business Cards

Hello again to all of my blogging friends!

Thanks to all of the great advice I got a few weeks ago (and a suggestion from my sister-in-law) I have been able to come up with two or three ideas to write about that are very exciting.  My last blog on haunted houses was fun to do and I will soon be touching on indoor skydiving and the time I accidentally had my hair turned into a fro (I might even have pictures of the debacle–stay tuned).

This week I decided to bite the bullet and purchased 100 business cards with my logo and blog information. It’s not like I have anybody clamoring for them or anything, but when someone expresses an interest in seeing what I have written I find that I am just too lazy to find a piece of paper and pen so that I can write down such a long website address.  I had no idea what I was getting into when I named my blog that first time, but I really love what it says so I’m keeping it.  One hundred seems like an optimistic amount of cards (without seeming like an egomaniac) so that’s why I got so many.  I am guessing they’ll last me a good year.

Has anyone else had business cards made up before?  Do you find them to be convenient or are they just languishing away in a box on your desk?  What do you think of mine?  I couldn’t find a service that had the same font or the kind of yellow I wanted for the back round, so I just went with white.  Is there information I need to add for next time?  Like I said, it’s really just a way of getting the web address out there.

Thank you again for helping me out with these questions and little dilemmas.  It means a lot to me!

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  1. I think it is a great idea. I am not at a point where I feel I need them. I see where some bloggers have a copyright on their blogs/site/pen name.etc. I feel comfortable on WordPress but what about Twitter, Google, FB, etc.?


  2. Wow, business cards are such an amazing idea. They can definitely help you give your information quickly. I myself don’t have business cards but I’m under 18 and don’t really think many would want to read my content outside of the blogging world and a few family members.


  3. I bought business cards because I was going to a writing conference. Having the cards gave me mixed emotions. I liked feeling official but I also felt like a fraud. I think the cards brought up the conundrum of having the write to claim being a writer.

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    1. This is such an interesting comment because I think I have had that exact same feeling lurking in the back round of my mind. I haven’t put together my stories into a book yet, so I feel like I’m not a writer, but I now have this blog that I put a lot of thought and effort into and that makes me a writer. My other worry is handing access to my blog to people that aren’t bloggers. I kind of feel like wordpress is a security blanket and that you guys all “get me” because you are bloggers as well. It is going to be interesting when I actually start passing these things out. (P.S. I’m also wondering if they work towards contests they have at restaurants where I can put them into drawings for free meals!)


  4. Charlotte Latvala

    This is a great idea! I’ve been sharing blog posts on social media, but friends who aren’t connected have asked me how they “get to” my blogs. So much to learn…I’d love to hear how/if this works for you!

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    1. I will come back and keep you all posted. I feel like I’ve done something major without having really done something major. It’s strange! Either way, I will give you an update.


      1. Kathy Olmstead

        Great idea! Those who don’t get don’t get it. Business cards are always a good way to get the word out. Last vestiges of a fleeting age.


  5. I have designed my own business cards. I would rather go back to what clowns used to do, and use post cards instead, but then, I need a more egocentric, self promoting, self serving means of getting my information to my adoring fans. I say let the egomaniac out! set it free with your 100 business cards, don’t forget to keep one though, your design might change for the next 100.

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    1. Thank you! I will definitely put one aside for later.


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