Mini Musings- Which Path Should I Take?

Hello to all of my lovely online friends!

After coming off an extremely busy Halloween weekend with the boy and the hubby, I find that I have neglected my blog severely.  I apologize to all of the late responses on my last post–I finally got to them today.  I will try to be more quick to answer and comment next time.

On to the mini musing of the day…I took some time to contemplate my next story and thought I had it all lined up, but my heart is pulling me in another direction.  I feel that it is very obvious which stories I have created that I really am in touch with and I love writing those stories, but I also feel that if I veer off of the story that I originally chose to write that I will never get back to it again.  This is where I ask for your opinion on how you decide how to proceed when you are creating your posts/stories.  Are you the type of writer that goes where your heart takes you or are you much more disciplined and write what you have already decided to write?

There’s no real right or wrong answers here, I’m just really curious.  I know that I, personally, will work harder to find time to write when it’s something that is just dying to get out but I feel a little bit guilty when I start to neglect my other story.  It’s kind of like the feeling of guilt I get when I bring home new packets of sauce from Taco Bell and use those when I know I already have packets of sauce from my last trip that have been languishing in the refrigerator and should probably be used first. (Hmm, I think I just revealed a little too much about myself in that one sentence.)  Or maybe it’s not like that at all and I just need to shut up now.

Anyway, you know that I love hearing from you all and I would love to read your responses–so lay them on me!

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  1. When I sit to write, I’m often surprised at where I end up! PS – I want those shoes!!

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    1. Thank you. Those are my official library shoes. Each employee got a pair and we have the Anythink tag on the heels. I call them my Ronald McDonald shoes!

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  2. aha so you have the taco sauce! 😉 Well just write, I wouldn’t worry about if it is something that will come back to finish later. I am not big on doing drafs, but I do not write much outside of a class. I have a couple things I wish I could do but they aren’t calling my name at present 😀


    1. Thank you for your comments! I think I’m just going to go where my heart tells me–it’s just easier!


  3. I’m a huge outliner, so I always try to follow the plan. Naturally, when the story starts begging to go to another direction, I adapt. ; )
    PS: I want those snickers.


    1. Hi there! I aspire to someday learn to follow the plan, but it doesn’t usually work for me. I think that in this case I will just go where my heart takes me. Thanks for commenting!


  4. I go where my heart takes me. If I started to write something and haven’t completed it, I just shelve it for awhile. My heart has to be in it or I am usually not satisfied with it.

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    1. My sentiments exactly. I am going to listen to my heart on this one! Have a great day.

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