Star Wars- I Can’t Stop Reacting to all the Reacting!

Reposted from November in honor of the big show coming out this week!

I don’t think I can make it.  In just a little over a month I will be sucked back into the world of Star Wars and everything that comes along with it.  I could say that I’m mostly excited for my son, who has grown up playing with (what seems like) every Star Wars toy known to man (and then some–I seriously need some stock in LEGO) but that would be a bald-faced lie.  I am dying bit by bit every day that I have to wait for the new movie to be released and I find myself digging for more and more details and tidbits to keep me from completely going off the deep end.

When all of the original movies were re-released with all of the new bells and whistles attached, I was there on all of the opening nights.  When Episode 1 came out I was so excited that I almost couldn’t sleep the night before.  By the time Episode 2 was released, I still went on opening night but I was much more loosey goosey about when to arrive–I mean, I was excited, but it wasn’t the same feeling I had before the first movie. Then the third movie came out and I’m not even sure if I went on opening night.  I was still willing to give my time and money but the fanaticism wasn’t on the same plane as it had been in the past.  To be honest, I kind of felt like a traitor to the series.  Thank goodness Episode 3 ended up being better than I originally gave it credit for.  I mean, of course, every part except the cry-baby Vader part. Seriously, “Noooooooooooooo!” I didn’t like it.

Then rumors swirled about an Episode 7 and the possibility of Han, Leia and Luke making cameos.  Then rumor became reality.  My ears perked up immediately.  Then it was announced that J.J. Abrams was tapped to helm the movie.  My tail started wagging!  The man who made me fall in love with Star Trek again was going to be rebooting the greatest cinematic series ever created (okay, okay, you don’t have to agree)?!  I started running around in circles.  Count me in, Lucas Films.  Take my money, Disney.  You had me at Han Solo.  You had me at Han Solo.

It was easy to forget that the movie was going to be released a year and a half down the line–I still had my devotion to Glee to get me through the months and when things got really tough I could lose myself in Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Occasionally a photo would be released or an article would be written about one of the new actors or shooting in some far off location but I was more than willing to let those slide and not pay too much attention what was going on in that galaxy far, far away.

Then ESPN and Monday Night Football announced that it was going to release a full trailer during the halftime show.  I had only heard about it that morning, but for some reason the idea of watching the show with thousands of other people was quite appealing.  Plus, I would be allowed to purchase tickets in advance for opening night just as soon as the trailer was over.  I had managed, up until this point, to avoid all trailers and spoilers of the new Star Wars movie but this event caught me hook, line and sinker.

I honestly think I could feel the collective of Star Wars fans getting more and more frustrated the longer the first half of the game went on.  And then, what, seriously? They had to do a quick recap of game?  Then they had to do a 45 second commercial?  And then then had to…no wait, finally–there it was!  Look! There’s the new girl and the new guy, and there’s the bad guy and Whoop! Whoop!  There’s the Millennium Falcon!  X-wing fighters!  R2!  There’s another new guy and wait–why is she crying?  What is going on? Leia! (I screamed so hard that the boys heard me upstairs.) Explosions.  Music. Drama!  Then–silence.  I cried.  Not going to lie.  I cried like a little baby.  Then I tried to get tickets.  Ha!  Ha-ha.  Uh, no. Forget Kim Kardashian, I think a billion Star Wars nerds broke the internet that night.

It was decided beforehand that The Magic Three (my family) was not going to be seeing the new Star Wars on opening night.  (Can’t you hear the violins?)  We are actually going to be on vacation during Christmas this year and we will be traveling just days after the opening.  We decided that it would be more fun to wait and watch the movie on Christmas Eve to give us even more wonderful things to look forward to.  While everyone else rushed online to buy tickets for opening night, I was able to get tickets at the only movie theater I could find near our rental home for Christmas Eve.  I was content. For about one hour. Until…

Dumbass here decided to watch the trailer again, online this time, just to see if it was good as I remembered it from a mere 45 minutes before.

It was.

Then I noticed that people were beginning to post videos of themselves watching the Star Wars trailer for the first time and I started watching those.  It wasn’t long before I knew that the girl was Rey, the stormtrooper was Finn and the new baddie was Kylo Ren.  Look, there’s Poe! And Han, and Chewie, and BB-8 and…

They are hilarious and make my heart beat faster in anticipation of the movie.  This thing is going to be HUGE!  I am not ashamed to say that I ended up watching reaction videos unto 1:30 that morning–knowing full well that I had an early start for work the next day.

After a very sleepy day at work I decided to sneak on to the computer again to see if any other reaction videos had been made.  BIG MISTAKE.  I knew damn well what the answer was going to be, but I just couldn’t fucking help myself.  I discovered that so many people had made reaction videos that now people were making group reaction videos of all of the people that made reaction videos!

They really are too much to handle at one time, but it is very funny to see everyone geeking out to the same trailer at the same moment. J.J. Abrams and his crew sure know how to make a pretty damn good trailer and that is very obvious when you see how everyone reacts when watching.

I am having way too much fun watching these videos over and over to see so many people affected so strongly about the same thing.  I honestly think I’ve watched over 70 of them by now.  Some people make videos where you can see their faces AND the trailer at the same time and there are some that just show their reactions.  I know the music in the trailer so well right now that I know what they are watching and what is happening even when I can’t see what is going on.  Yes, I DO believe I have a problem.  I’m just not sure if it’s a bad problem.

You might think that this would be the end of what I could possibly get out of this one perfect trailer, but the people in youtube-land have proven us all wrong again.  I stumbled across a video of one of the new actors in the movie watching himself in the new Star Wars trailer–and it is epic.  I’ve watched this one about 15 times just by itself.  It’s always a treat to see things through the eyes of another fan–and maybe, especially, a fan that just happens to be a major player in the movie.

Damn it, that’s it!  There is no way that there is anything else that could possibly be wrung out of this very amazing Star Wars trailer.  WRONG!  You see, this girl right here apparently doesn’t have a life.  I mean, I have recently just purchased a Hulu account so that I could specifically watch The Mindy Project and I HAVE YET TO WATCH THIS WEEK’S EPISODE!  I mean, it’s been out for five days now.  This just isn’t something that I put aside lightly.  She is my life.  It is my show.  What is going on?!

I’ll tell you what’s going on–someone has made a video of their reaction watching the actor’s reaction video!  That’s right. It’s legit.  It’s crazy.  It’s amazing!  It’s going to be the death of me.  I. Can’t.  Look. Away.

Okay, even I know that this cannot continue this way.  I need sleep.  I need sanity.  I need to not know everything about everything before I even get to the movie theater!

That’s it.  I’m going to sleep.  Right now.  I have to get this out of my system.  But wait, what’s this?  A video breaking the trailer down second by second?

Maybe sleep can wait…


© DRB  2015

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    1. This is the kind of reaction I live for! I’m glad you liked it.


    1. Thank you! As I started getting stuck in this world I began to realize how utterly hilarious it was. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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  2. Funny and boring and madness up to the brim


    1. Yes, sometimes and yes. But I guess it’s a good kind of crazy–I think. I guess… Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. Funny.. and mad .. I r


  4. Its going to be epic. Thanks for sharing the reaction videos. I hadn’t seen some of them yet. I felt the same way about episodes 1-3, although I did see them all opening day. In fact other than A New Hope, which I saw for the first time in the summer of 1977, I’ve seen them all opening day. I can’t wait for this one either. I been avoiding most of the hype on the internet because I want to be surprised. I’ve only watched the trailers- ok I’ve watched them dozens of times.

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    1. Yay! I love getting to know other Star Wars fans. It’s probably good thinking to stay away from a lot of theories out there. I think I might have heard so many different explanations of different things that I might be sad if they don’t come true! Thanks for posting.


  5. I want to know where all the Asian people went in the future…

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    1. Aren’t they all over on Star Trek?

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      1. Not really. A couple are present, if you search really hard! lol

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  6. It started out funny and kept getting better! You make me giggle.

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    1. Thank you! That makes me happy. Have a great day!

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  7. I’ve just been watching the trailers over and over, so thank you for bringing something else to my attention to tide me over ’til december!

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    1. I hope that these trailers don’t propel you into having no life at all. I am perilously close that point. But they are just so fun to watch! Thanks for commenting.


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