I got just one life in a world that keeps on pushin’ me around…

As I’m always about trying to face my fears, I’ve taken to reading more blogs about other people facing their fears as well. This is one blog that I found to be very interesting and it has a wonderful list of thoughts and prompts that might even be good for jump starting some writing. I hope that you enjoy this blog from annalevensonpsy.wordpress.com

The Self-Actualized Life

But I’ll stand my ground. And I won’t back down- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Day 2 of the list is to talk about three fears we have and how they came to be. My mother told me once that a cousin of mine told her she was obsessed with the fear of death that she would spend hours worrying about how she, her husband, or her children could die. I thought, what a terrible thing to have to live with and it just broke my heart. Personally, I don’t think about when/if/ or how I will die because I believe it is predetermined. I may die tomorrow being hit by a bus or I might die when I’m 115 with 20 great-great-grandchildren around me, but it isn’t worth my time to worry about it.

That being said, I do have a few fears. The first is definitely the biggest…

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