Fragility Adorned?

I would like to share a piece of poetry from someone who has been very supportive of my writing. Please give her blog a look!


Gazing out the window, while sipping a hot cup of coffee, I felt helpless.  The trees looked cold and sad. Their branches seemed to want to stretch inside to gather warmth and love. I said out loud “No more whining, no more pining. Can you not hear?  Spring is near. Just listen!”

I have bared my soul2016-01-22 16.45.35

I am frail and cold

Surely you can see

a lingering sadness in me


I await the early morn

fragility adorned?

new born flowers abloom

sunlight caresses a room


My structure still proud2014-01-28 16.02.33

as I reach for a cloud

winter chill, set me free

give me life as a tree


I can see no reason

to await the season

birds voices will ring

the sounds of spring



Credits: personal property

poem: amanpan

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