Fowl Play in the Workplace

ake a moment to reblog a post from one of the funniest writers I’ve met during my new blogging experience. She recently shared a post about her “love” for certain birds and I’m still laughing. It matches well with the story that I recently put out about birds. Please give it a look and let her know if you like it! KatieComeBack at Enjoy!

Carrots in My Carryon

And now for something completely different….

I work just outside of a major metropolitan area.  But, like most cities, we’re fairly compartmentalized – once you get outside of the beltway, you’re in the wilderness fairly quickly.  We’re only about 10 miles from a large city, but very quickly, the 4-lane highway dissolves into a two-lane road, and you’re driving past fields and farms in short order.   When we have visitors coming out to the facility, part of my directions include “drive past the chicken farm and over the train tracks, then turn left.”  And the directions are accurate.  There is a legit free-range chicken farm not 2 miles from work.  Unlike the legend, these chickens seem to know better than to cross the road…

…unlike the turkeys.   But more on that in a sec.

Over the last few years, our metro area has had some challenges with an overrun…

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