Expectations = PreMeditated Resentments

Hello my friends! I just wanted to pass on another blog I found extremely fascinating. It fits really well with the last few stories I’ve put out there and I would love to share it with you.  If you like what you read, please feel free to visit the website: https://alongthesideoftheroad.wordpress.com/

along the side of the road

  • Ever order a steak in a restaurant as medium-rare and it gets served to you as well done?
  • Ever ask your teen in the morning to do the dishes and come home from work and they’re not done?
  • Ever go to drive somewhere and it takes you twice as long because of construction?
  • Ever do tons of exercise and get on the scale 2 weeks later to find the numbers haven’t budged?
  • Ever go to your doctor for a routine wax cleanout and leave with a surgery date in hand?

Ever feel mad about these things happening?

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