Literary Lion- Are We There Yet?

As a way of keeping my brain alert and to get myself some much needed practice writing fiction, I have decided to participate in a weekly writing activity prompted by the Literary Lion.  My piece can be no longer than 400 words long. This week’s theme was EYE.  I hope you enjoy.

Sunlight caressed her face as she struggled to wake from a not so deep sleep.  She tried to stretch as best as she could from her cramped space in the backseat of the car. Scratchy songs from the country radio channel wafted quietly through the air as dad drove and mom read the newspaper in the passenger seat.  They had been on the road for about four hours now and it was as boring as could possibly be.  Turning her head she found her brother still asleep and her sister quietly coloring.  Well, at least they weren’t bickering anymore—that was the worst way to travel.

She put her head on the headrest and looked out of the window.  The sun was still making the car very warm but at least it wasn’t shining directly into her eyes.  Talk about pain.  She yawned and noticed the smoke trail from a faraway plane and she envied its speed.  I could be there already, if I had a ride like that, she thought.  She held her hand up and blocked the plane from her sight. Quickly removing her hand she began a game of peek-a-boo that only she knew about.  The thought made her feel slightly powerful.  You have no idea that I’m watching you, and you’re probably up there thinking that you are all alone in the world. She shook her head slightly and started to think.

Sitting a little straighter, she began looking for random people working or standing on the land the car was passing by so quickly.  There!  A man, looking no bigger than an ant was sitting on a machine that was gathering hay into tight cylinders.  Ha, she thought. I can see you but you can’t see me. I can watch you and you will never know. She couldn’t quite figure out why the thought made her feel happy, and ultimately, she didn’t really care. It just felt good.

She played her game for a few minutes more until she began to dose off again.  The car lulled her mind into a foggy state and soon it began to drift back to the plane and the man and the discovery of her power.  Her eyes drifted shut, too tired to stay open…when she startlingly shot up from her seat.  But, she thought as she again looked out the window, what if someone out there is watching me?


©DRB 2015

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  1. This reminded me of being a child on long car journeys and doing exactly the same… people watching is such good entertainment. This had some lovely evocative descriptions in it.


    1. Thank you. This one wasn’t too hard to get into–I took a lot of car trips from Denver to Albuquerque. Not exactly a lot to look at!

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  2. Everyone’s being watched by someone…
    Great story!


    1. It’s a scary thought.


  3. Good story and good response to the prompt.


  4. Oooo… I want to read more!


  5. I liked it!


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