Extra Crispy or Original Recipe?

To change or not to change, that is the question.  Blogging University has, as the second assignment in the Blogging 101 class, asked us all to take a look at our titles and taglines and decide whether or not they should be edited.  Apparently I was thinking that the second day of a three week program would be a cake walk, but this one has just got me spinning in circles and questioning my whole blogging existence.

I have now officially pondered this while eating dinner, walking my dog, washing dishes, and watching Tiny House Hunters.  With some good suggestions from my blogging friends and little indignation from my mom, I have ultimately decided to keep my blog title the way that it is. It says what I want it so say and that’s all I have to say about that.   As far as a tagline goes, I just can’t think of anything that enhances improves on what I already have, so I am going to leave it off (I’m such a rebel).  Thank you to everyone that offered an opinion. I really appreciate your interest and effort.

© DRB 2015


  1. I enjoy what you are writing – and like how free it is – I am trying to work that way – sometimes my writing sounds – hmmm – shall I say – constipated?? Does that make sense?? 🙂


    1. Ha! That does make sense. That was a creative way to say that. I just tend to write like I talk, so that makes it a little easier. Thanks for reading.


  2. loveanagirl

    @whereshappy… I think your tagline should be “I’m such a rebel” I smiled soon as I read it. Just a thought. I like your blog either way 😉


  3. hannastocksick

    I like your titles. I think you should go with your heart! 😉 I don’t usually have patience to read those long blogs, but yours are easy to follow. I think I’m just not interested in poetry and such. For some years now, I’m all about textbooks, but I do enjoy to read about ppl and how they deal with life. Keep it up, friend!


    1. Thank you! I keep trying to get to your site but it isn’t there.


  4. I’m glad you left it as it was. Be a trendsetter. Yeah!!
    I was asleep but a possum on the roof woke me. So naturally I looked to see what my fellow Blogging 101 participants were up to. But it’s 1:30am and I need to be up for work in 5 hours. Bye for now, you rebel you! 😀


  5. I read the first assingment and had no clue what direction to go in. So maybe to explore the many avenues I could, I think…. I still don’t know!!!! This is by far, the best part of being a blogger!!! Anything is possible with your blog!!! How grand is that!
    Thanks for taking time to check my blog out and following it!!! Tell your friends about it!!! I LOVE feedback!!!


    1. I will keep watching!


  6. That is exactly what I experienced…a real head scratcher…your title is really good, it’s easy to remember…funny thing.
    Your writing is so fun, very enjoyable reading.


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