I Never Pass Up a Chance to Talk

Fair Warning-This exercise is in response to a fellow blogger @afternoonofsundries who asked me to participate in a challenge requesting I list ten things I love and ten things I hate, as a way to get to know me better.  Don’t read unless you really, really want to know more about me.

First of all, thank you for asking me to participate.  I appreciate that you have read my blog and that you think I have things to say that you might find interesting. I’m actually pretty excited to do this because it makes me feel like I finally made it into Entertainment Weekly.  When this blog is over I might consider writing another one letting you know what’s inside my purse! (You would be so disappointed.)

How to frame this?  Well…

1.I LOVE ice cream but I HATE custard.  Well, to be honest, I love ice cream and I’ll eat custard, but that has got to be one of the ugliest words I have ever heard.  It rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

2. I LOVE my family but I HATE the drama that ebbs and flows throughout the years.  I would love to have a year of smooth sailing with no fights, job issues, or health emergencies.

3. I LOVE my son’s school but I HATE feeling like I am not upholding some unknown bargain by not volunteering more.  I DO care about his education and his future and I know that by staying with him at home during our free time that he is learning the skills to enhance both.

4. I LOVE shopping but I HATE spending money.  I relish the opportunities I have to spend library money on programs and supplies (and I will shop to the last penny) but I won’t spend my own money and spring for the fancy shoes I like unless they’re at least 30 percent off!

5. I LOVE bees but I HATE bees too.  I saw my dad get attacked by bees (or were they wasps?) when I was pretty young and I should be traumatized for life.  However, I have learned more about them and I find that they are endlessly fascinating.

6. I LOVE exercising but I HATE eating (Lies! All lies!) I like exercising and I love food, but I HATE having to measure every last bite of food and worry about it turning into fat.  I just want to eat.  Can a girl just eat?  Not this girl.  Here’s a big eff you to family genes!

7. I LOVE the show Glee and I HATE that it’s over.  I would not be writing a blog or considering writing a book without that show.  It made me feel like everyone had a voice and chance to be whatever they wanted to be if they just worked hard and believed.  (Plus, I got tired of watching 20 year old’s like Chris Colfer and Darren Criss taking over the world and doing all of these awesome things and being ambitious when I was just sitting at home watching them do it.)  They kicked me in the butt.

8. I LOVE knowing what’s going on in the world but I HATE how everything I see and hear are the most terrifying and horrible stories that could possibly be reported.  I know bad things happen, but so do good things and those stories just don’t get covered enough.

9. I LOVE my house but I HATE how far away it is from Greg’s (my husband) work.  He is essentially in the car 3 hours a day! We knew it would be a challenge when we bought this place but it is beginning to become unbearable.  Neither of us counted on these feelings to be so overwhelming.

10. I LOVE my son and husband so much and I HATE it when we are not all together.  Sometimes separation feels like a relief, but that feeling doesn’t last long and I am more than ready to have The Magic Three back together again.

I invite some of my fellow bloggers to continue this LOVE/HATE exercise. No pressure.  Feel free to roll your eyes and continue on with life and tell me to kiss off.  My feelings won’t be too hurt.  Sniff.

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  1. skinnyandsingle

    Hating custard because of the word custard is pretty interesting. I just met you today and have found a zillion new blogs to follow, just by reading a few posts 🙂

    yay for me!!


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  2. amanpan

    I have a blog that I have drafted on love/hate. It will ready to post sometime tomorrow. I am thinking of tying it in with tomorrows assignment. What are your thoughts on this?


    1. I think that is a great idea. If this activity can enhance your blog in any way I think that’s great. Can’t wait to read.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sandyvern

    Love it!! Such a great idea…may have to join you all in the list making 🙂


    1. Please do! Would love to hear your list.


  4. Oh and custard is awesome. Here I thought you were such an understandable and reasonable person!!!

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    1. Oh, not even close!

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  5. Oh, I am SO all over this!!! Fun, fun! Thanks for the chance to make lists. I love lists! (That doesn’t count as one of my ten.)


  6. afternoonofsundries

    Love it all! Creative way to do the prompt (totally never thought to structure it like that!) and I enjoyed every answer!


  7. This seems like such a fun challenge!

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    1. Please join in!

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      1. I will! I’m going to do two posts today!

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  8. amanpan

    I like this and I can relate to each love/hate item yo listed. I am going to join you with my own love/hates once I get the cobwebs out of my head – love today because the sun is shining/hate today because it is effing hot.

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    1. Ha! I love it!

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    2. Good start! I agree with you.

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  9. Challenge accepted…will post it this evening after work…love it, your post is amazing and so open. You would be a good friend to have.

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    1. Aww, thank you. I Can’t wait to see your post.


      1. 1. Love blogging/hate the little amount of time I have to spend on it.
        2. Love trendy fashion/hate that it looks bunk on me – when someone else wears it – it’s vintage, on me just old clothes.
        3. Love, LOVE ice cream/hate that I am lactose intolerant
        4. Love fresh cut flowers/hate that it shortens their life. I want fresh flowers delivered daily, hate that I have to buy them myself!!!!
        5. Love house guests/hate it when they have to leave. (I always think they make an excuse to leave and not visit longer – sign of my age!)
        6. Love the weekends/hate it they are only 2 days. Shouldn’t it be 5 days and 2 days work? Yeah, that sounds like a whole lotta love better!
        7. Love to live surrounded by beauty/hate cutesy (especially those items that tell you how to live…i.e. live, laugh, love…dang it, cut that out and stop telling me to live each moment as if it were my last…unless you want to unleash my bad-ass side!
        8. Love driving/hate having to share the road!
        9. Love family/hate that I have so few members remaining!
        10. Love to read novels/hate that the days are just really short! oh and…
        11. Love that you thought this up/hate there is only 10 things to love and hate…lol.

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      2. That is awesome! I think we need to lobby for the two day work week. I could fully endorse that idea! I also wish I could get fresh flowers every day. What a mood lifter!
        Thanks for doing this!

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      3. No thank you, it was fun!


  10. Oh wow! I liked this article because I enjoyed every little itty-bitty part of it which had me smiling and I was jolted out of my sitting position when I saw my name inserted in the space, inviting me to share the ten things that I love and hate. Honestly, I feel honored and will definitely respond to this invite. Thank you so much.

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    1. I am looking forward to what you come up with!

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