My, My, My, My Corona: My, My, My, My Life is Boring

It was a beautiful moment. Me, alone in my Mulan t-shirt (no jacket covering it since no one was around to see my arms), my favorite sweats, a couple of toothbrushes, and a can of Comet. The bright light of the vanity stretched to the bathtub only to be blocked my enormous dirty hair bun as I tried to scrub the grime out of faded bathtub caulk. The dirt flowed down the inside of the tub in a wave pattern that could only be accurately compared to the sand of a beautiful beach in Mexico–ebbing and flowing it’s way back to the ocean. My feet, uncovered in the cold porcelain, dodged the delicate ickiness (because I’m not stupid) even as I marveled at its flowing loveliness.

An episode of Stranger Things reached my ears between the off and on of the bathtub faucet and I dedicated myself to ridding my home of such terrible neglect. The more I reacted to the sounds of El’s screaming the harder I scrubbed until actual pieces of old caulk tore apart under my strenuous machinations. The smell was chalky but cleansing, and I felt grateful to be alone in such a momentous occasion. The grimy tub eventually yielded to me and, in a euphoric state of victory, I turned and declared war on the toilet. It wasn’t pretty, but I don’t think I have to tell you who won that battle.

Content with all that had transpired in the bathroom, I eventually stole away to the comfort of my bed and a good book. And all was well–until the hubby deigned to dirty the beautiful kingdom I had created. Far be it from me to keep a fifty percent home owner from his duty, but damn it, couldn’t he have waited at least five minutes before shitting all over my hard work?! <Insert internal scream here> I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath, went back to my book, and found some peace again.

Not bad for day 2 of social distancing, right?

Day 2 round up:

1 stationary bike workout

1 pitcher of iced tea consumed

2 bean and cheese burritos for lunch (sorry if I offended by not eating you, frozen chicken pot pie)

3 handfuls of Cadbury Mini Eggs

3 walks with the dog and the boy

4 hugs from the boy

1 episode of Buffy (Cordelia is such a bitch)/ workout

1 hot bath

4 hugs from the boy

Untold pride in defeating the bathtub monster

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  1. Yay! You are writing again. I look forward to more days.


    1. Hi Josie! It has not been easy getting back on the horse, but I always feel better when I do. Good health and happiness to you and your family. I miss you.


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