Mini Musings: I Did Some Things This Week! (But…)

I finally wrote a blog post. (But I wasn’t terribly clever about it.)

I washed the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher. (But I waited as long as I could to see if the hubby would do it first.)

I fed the dog. (But he decided to fast that day.)

I walked the dog. (But he was mad at me because it wasn’t longer.)

I rubbed the dog’s tummy. (But I think I enjoyed it more than he did.)

I walked. Inside. (But I never took my hands off the treadmill’s handlebar.)

I walked. Outside. (But I only did two laps instead of four.)

I made the kid a lunch. (But it didn’t have the kind of sandwich he really wanted.)

I drove the kid to school. (But I was secretly glad to drop him off at the corner and not the front door.)

I took a quick trip to Cabo San Lucas with my friends. (But I wish I could have been much longer.)

I cleaned the house. (But only enough to make it look like I really cleaned the house.)

I unpacked my suitcase. (But I resented all the clothes I was going to have to wash.)

I vacuumed the floors. (But I didn’t move anything around.)

I made fish and chips. (But I don’t think the were any better than the first time I tried to make them.)

I made a pizza. (But I really wished we would have bought one.)

I washed, dried, and put away clothes. (But only because I had nothing else to do at the time.)

I washed my car. (But only because my hubby was tired of looking at a dirty car with a SHINE-E license plate.)

I went to the flea market. (But only stayed for an hour because the kid ran out of money and didn’t want to be tempted by things he couldn’t buy anymore.)

I went to the second hand store. (But only because I felt like I should get out of the house for a little while.)

I read a book. (No shade here. I loved that I read a book. Yay, me!)

I bought vegetables that I will never eat. (But I vow to do better the next time I spend precious money on vegetables.)

I went through my closets to find donations. (But I didn’t give up the clothes I’ve been secretly hoarding for seven years in the hopes that I might acutallly fit them again.)

I decided to donate my black Nike shoes. (But I’ve been too lazy to take them downstairs to the donation pile–even though I have taken ten trips down there since I made that decision. They’re still at the kitchen table.)

I made plans to volunteer at a school. (But I secretly hoped it would get snowed out because as much as I want to do it, I’m kind of afraid I lost my mojo.)

I planned a trip to Maui. (But I feel like I can’t tell many people about it because I feel like an entitled douchebag.)

I watched Attack of the Clones with the kid. (But I really, really hated it even though I got to spend time with the kid.)

I got a bloody nose. (But that’s only because it’s dry as hell out here and it was inevitable.)

I loved my family and friends. (But I don’t think I let them know how much.)

I posted my blog. (But only because I hadn’t posted one in about two months.)

And, I finally took the shoes downstairs. (But of course I didn’t because I’m lazy af.)

©DRB 2022

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  1. Anonymous

    So good…loved it!


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